Our Mission

To motivate potential leaders, offer a lasting opportunity to the voiceless, less privileged, the poor and the needy through sporting contracts, health care, education and vocation with the aim of impacting a productive lifestyle as well as keeping them away from crime.

Our Vision

Working to help close penitentiary doors whilst opening sporting doors, Better health care, enhanced education and improved  vocation.

What We Do

We are a non-profit organization that operates independently of a government, we are also a group of humanitarians made up of some strategic thinkers who can adapt quickly and respond to changing and pressing needs faster than governmental organizations which require executive and electoral approval for action.

Our Organogram

Aims and Objectives

Yagazie Foundation empowers disadvantaged young people to develop as individuals and enjoy new challenges through volunteering and social action whilst making a positive contribution to the community. This is achieved by providing young people with access to good quality volunteering, and social opportunities and supporting them to realize their own projects and ideas. Yagazie Foundation meets its aim through focusing its work on young people to initiatives that address community needs and, in benefiting others, provide them with a sense of citizenship and community responsibility. Our work currently is focussed in Nigeria. We have a high local profile and are recognized as a credible voice for young people and for our activities within the community. Our activities prepare young people for life and work, by combining and strengthening volunteering and social action to links to employment, education and training. Our focus is to generate in young people a sense of responsibility and ownership for their projects and to support them to progress.

Yagazie Foundation encourages the involvement of young people from all sections of the community (especially those who are at risk of social exclusion through disability, mental health issues and economic deprivation) and ensure that all have equal opportunity to participate regardless of gender, religious and ethnic background, disability or any other factor that may result in discrimination and prejudice.


To foster and develop increased learning and development opportunities for young people by encouraging and supporting them to contribute, steer initiatives and lead their own youth-led projects.

To build strong relationships with organizations that share our aims, thereby further increasing the capacity of young people to build on their skills and aptitudes for their own personal growth and their community’s long term success and development

To generate in young people a sense of responsibility and ownership for the actions they undertake and to develop their citizenship and involvement in their communities.

Yagazie Foundation is a community focussed, working in partnership with a wide range of diverse local and international organizations to increase the integration of young people within the community. Through volunteering and youth led projects our services reflect the identified needs with the community and are predominantly based on 3 tenets:

1. Intergenerational

Through intergenerational practice Yagazie Foundation aims to bring people together in purposeful, mutually beneficial activities which promote greater understanding and respect between generations and contributes to building more cohesive communities. Intergenerational activities build on the positive resources that the young, older and middle generations have to offer each other and are an effective way to address issues important to our community. Yagazie Foundation Intergenerational initiatives fall into three categories, supporting each other, working together to address community issues, and learning together.

2. Active Citizenship

Yagazie Foundation embraces the principles of Active Citizenship and this philosophy is integral to all our work. Young people are encouraged and supported to involve themselves within the community and engage in volunteering. All our projects are youth led, gaining inspiration from the young people themselves and through service delivery young people learn and understand each other’s differences and to respect one another.

3. Social Action

Yagazie Foundation encourages social action supporting young people to work together to effect change both in their lives and within the community, raising funds for issues they feel passionate about and organizing practical tasks.