Every donation no matter how big or small helps to send children to the YES Camp. Please donate now.

Now more than ever these camps are essential in providing our youth with a safe and enriching environment to build trauma coping skills, literacy and physical education.

How many lives will you change? Donate now.

    Activities will include:

  • Educational activities such as: Writing, Singing, Calculation and Quescussion.
  • Sporting activities such as: team sport games such as football, volleyball and handball
  • Social and Cultural activities such as: Excursions to Museums, Gallery, Cultural Dance and Word Games.

The aim of this project is to keep the abled and disabled children and youths engaged with educational, sporting, social and cultural activities that will help them stay away from juvenile delinquency, crime and remain happy.

Please use the link below and make your donation:

" YES Camp holds this August/September at Union Bank Sports Complex, Surulere, Lagos. "


Current Covid -19 State Guidelines will be followed:

All Indoor Activities - Masks required for all Unvaccinated Participants Outdoor Activities - Masks are optional but not Required (We will operate at 50% capacity ) All adult staff should be vaccinated prior to camp. We are suggesting that our campers to self quarantine 12 days prior to camp and provide a negative Covid test result no less than 4 days prior to camp. (This is not required only a strong suggestion)

Thank you for supporting us!

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